We are all about making your life EASIER as a Trainer

You're already writing training programs. You're already taking time to hold client assessments and consultations. You're already utilizing video for reference to movement patterns and exercises. We put everything under one roof and allow you execute all these tasks quickly and easily. Our Content Management System is designed to help reduce your daily workload while simultaneously providing tools to make your business more efficient and profitable by increasing your client engagement through online video technologies. We provide the capabilities to charge for any or all of your online services with payments being deposited directly into your chosen bank account!

Customize Training Programs

Make your programming services more valuable. No longer is programming just about a pen and paper or excel sheet. Create videos and attach custom files for your clients to follow along with, from any device.

Hold Online Consultations

Start making an impact on clients before you ever meet in person. Start utilizing your time more effectively by allowing people to schedule a face to face video consultation from anywhere. 


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Grow your Member Community

Very few people can afford multiple personal training sessions per week...we make it easy for you to help clients execute proper form by allowing you to create and organize libraries of videos with exercise techniques.

My business is all about analyzing and diagnosing an athletes movement issues. Needless to say, my success comes from effectively communicating how to fix these issues and enhance each of my clients peak performance. HiDef has put me and my staff in a position to do so, from anywhere.

Mike Berenger
Founder/Head Trainer
Rapid Sports Performance

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October 2015