How do I make money?

Every HiDef partner has the opportunity to sell subscriptions, host events/classes/seminars, sell single videos or packages of videos, e-books, whitepapers, webcam consultation sessions, and more.

Do I still own my content when it is hosted on your platform?

Absolutely, you own 100% of your content. If you ever choose to shut down your channel, your content goes with you.

What format do my videos need to be in?

Your videos can start out in any valid video format.  We accept avi, mov, wmv, mp4 and many other formats.  Our transcoding engine will accept most any video format as the ‘input’ and we’ll transcode the video into a variety of ‘output’ formats that can be played on most major consumer devices.

Who can access my videos?

Your videos are stored in our secure private cloud.  Only you have access to the original videos you’ve uploaded in our secure members area. Your customers have access to the videos they’ve purchased, or videos which you have explicitly granted access to.  You have complete control over who can access your videos