Unreachable… It sounds like I’m making up words, right?? Well I’m not, I looked it up… in a book!
 Ok, so anyways… I’m talking real stuff here, so listen up. Better yet, watch up on YouTube.

Last week, we had a special guest on our weekly web series and we talked business, Jerry’s (guest)weight loss journey, and interestingly, how they collide. Jerry is a former collegiate (Jerry would say he’s still an athlete, I would argue) who spent years training his body to perfect the crafts of his sport. But after college, the sport stopped. So as many of us former athletes tend to do, Jerry replaced gaps that were filled with practice, games, workouts, etc, with less “healthy” habits. Beers may have been included!

Years later, Jerry found himself in a place he was just not happy with. So he decided to make a change, and here’s where things got interesting for me and should be interesting to YOU (personal trainers).

For most personal trainers, Jerry falls into the category of unreachable due to his extensive knowledge and experience around the gym. So why pay for someone else to tell you what you already know, right? But Jerry says something along the lines of, the biggest pain in the ass throughout the process was figuring out my daily workout. Quite the light bulb moment for me. 
 So here’s that moment where I think, does the “unreachable” have a kink in his armor? The answer is yes.

Though there are thousands, even tens of thousands “unreachables” to all you personal trainers, you can still provide value, and generate revenue by connecting with these individuals in the right format.
 As we’ve said, the “unreachables” like Jerry are comfortable in the gym, and they don’t see the value to pay for a trainers time, energy, and motivation, BUT… if you (personal trainer) can make their (unreachables) lives easier by presenting super defined workout plans, nutrition plans, get swole plans, etc, you may have your “in”. This is coming right from the source, Jerry said he spent endless hours searching Youtube, Facebook,, to find new ways to push past plateau’s during his long transformation. As he stated, if he could’ve just found a clear and concise 3-month online program, he would’ve given it a run!

And that’s that, folks! It’s not rocket science, and I’m no scientist of the rockets, but life is like a box of chocolates… and Zebra’s freak me out!

Sorry, I think I blacked out for a minute. The moral of the story is this, there are millions of people out there searching for the right path to take on their fitness journey. As a trainer, wouldn’t you want to throw your hat in the ring as someone who can help steer those searching onto the right path?? CREATE VALUABLE CONTENT…

And in the words of GARY VAYNERCHUK (look him up if you don’t know) “Content is King, but context is Queen and she runs the household!”