One of our biggest issues as a startup… And more so my own, was articulating who our customer is, and what we sell?? That may sound funny and somewhat ridiculous, but it is a real issue for many business owners, marketers, and sales people. No one wants to “limit” their potential market reach by defining their perfect customer, but as the old adage says, “if you’re trying to please everyone, you’ll please no one.”

Take just a minute and try to come up with as many people/brands that had their fifteen minutes of fame, then fell off the face of the planet! I bet you can think of at least 6 or 7. Now let’s look at this happenstance with business in mind… If you just created the “greatest workout program of all time” (we all think our shit is the best) and now you’re ready to start selling it/sharing it/utilizing it, how are you going to do so with hopes of not becoming the “flavor of the week”?

For simplicity sake, we’ll say you are SELLING this program as a 3 month digital program someone can purchase and follow on their phone, computer, etc. So again, who are you selling to? Men? Women? The already active? Overweight? Higher income? In Dallas? Los Angeles? Minneapolis? How are is your customer? Have they heard of you before?

Starting to get the point? If you cannot articulate who your exact customer is, how can you articulate what this program will do for them?

I use this analogy quite often (this helped me tremendously). If you’re at a bar and you see a pretty/handsome girl/guy that you just have to go approach, are you expecting this person to immediately take to you just by introducing yourself? Maybe if you’re some model/actor/perfect lookin mofo! But for us normal folk, this is a outrageous idea… Some level of rapport must be created/found before this pretty/handsome human feels comfortable with you.

Though we constantly see this outrageous idea being assumed in business. “Just introduce my wonderful workout program and thousands of people will want to purchase it”. NO! INCORRECT! STOP THINKING THAT! As much a mom says you’re special, you’re not! I mean, you are… Just not when it comes to business, selling, etc. You have to realize there is sooooo much noise out there, and for your “workout program” to be something special you must articulate the value to your perfect customer. The 25-year-old, female health enthusiast, that is interested in content from, likes your Facebook page, and lives in Portland, Oregon.

That’s when you’re able to really speak to the needs of lil Mary Jane from Portland… Create the “rapport” and give yourself the best chance to ask for the sale, and that’s all you can hope for. Progress can be made when you’re able to gain insight. You will know if that demographic is a fit or not, and you will start to figure out if your messaging is appropriate. All very valuable links in the chain that should lead to success if you and your product or service is good enough!

So just remember… find your niche, speak to one person, build rapport and value, then progress from there. Good things will happen!