Unless you live under a rock, you’re aware of the #fitspo craze has taken over social media in the last couple years. But as a “REAL” fitness professional, have you really paid attention? Because the #fitspo is WINNING the attention game!

Personal trainers, fitness coaches, whatever you call yourselves…you are working your asses off, day and night in the gym providing your service to anyone in need and we know that. But what is the end game? 
Let me put it like this, consumers are on the go and only getting busier. Do you plan on working 24 hours a day to meet needs? Because that’s not going to turn out well for you, cupcake.

The “Fitspo” Professional vs. The Offline Trainer

Yes, both of you are helping your clients reach their fitness goals, but that may be all you have in common. Ok, we’re being a little bold in saying such a thing but we’re trying to make a point. Here’s how we’re defining the difference. The offline trainer is someone with no real digital presence. Limited social media presence, a poorly designed website or worse, no website at all. In contrast, the “fitspo” is driven by digital marketing, and exposure is the name of the game.

Go Digital or Die

The key to growing your brand is simply (though we know it’s not simple) showing people what value you bring to the table. If you are an in-person trainer, there are only so many people you can help in a day. Your time, energy, and resources are greatly limited and adaptation is the key to survival in this game called business. Why not decrease your limitations by bringing what you do online? 1.8 billion people are already active on social media, make your presence known!

I understand that I am oversimplifying all this stuff, but I’m just trying to get a point across. There are far too many dedicated, knowledgeable, talented personal trainers in this country that are LOSING, because they are not valuing where the consumers attention is being focused. This is not good for either party, I promise that!

Utilize Resources to Reach Your Target Audience

Hashtags are your friend. Seriously, the easiest way to ensure you are engaging with your target audience as a trainer is by using targeted hashtags. By adding tags like #fitness, #personaltraining, #fitspo, #fitfam, #mondaymotivation, #health, to the end of your posts you can join the conversation in the fitness community.

New to the “social media game”? Breathe easy, there are free resources a plenty that help you optimize the content you’re putting online.

Take a look at a few.





Taking your business online as a fitness professional is crucial to your survival in the industry, period. STOP MAKING EXCUSES!