What's your purpose?

The feeling of being determined to do or achieve something; the aim or goal of a person.

   Ok, we all get what a purpose is...right? The real question is, what is MY purpose? I am convinced that the further you go in life, the more your purpose shifts to affecting others. Yes, this is quite an open ended statement as you can affect others both positively or negatively, but it does not change my point.

   As youngsters, we inherently look to meet needs and desires. I am hungry, so I eat food. I am tired, so I sleep. But as we age, we start taking others into account. I am hungry, but I told Jimmy I would have lunch with him yesterday and he's not ready yet. I am tired, but I should help Sally with her marketing presentation. Yes these are very simple scenarios, but they start to point out where our purpose lies.

   I believe our purpose is to POSITIVELY affect others around us on a daily basis. No matter the setting, focus your efforts on affecting just one person each day. It can be something as simple as offering a compliment or as grand as a gift. But don't let it fool you, simple acts of kindness cause ripples and ripples lead to change.