Learn to ask questions

 I want you to close your eyes and imagine your 13 year old self. Got it? Okay, now tell me this...were you part of the I'm too cool/scared to ask/answer questions in school? If so, what was your real reason for always keeping that yapper shut? Truthfully, I understand the scenario and am without judgement for those of you who were quiet. I just can't say I was part of the group.

   I like to think I was not the 13 year old version of the question master, but if something in particular interested me I was all for finding out more. This natural tendency suited me well in my adolescent year and has continued to be one of my distinguishing qualities as an adult.

   Asking questions can say many things about an individual. In conversation, asking a question clearly signifies one is listening to another. In a public setting, asking a question signifies interest, whether it be an interest of another's well being or hairstyle...it says I notice YOU and I am interested to know more. These are such simple examples, but simple is good, everyone can understand simple.

In business, success is built on relationships. Relationships are built on interest. Interest is built on...see where I am going here!

Learn to ask questions, what's the worst that could happen? You make a friend?